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How to get into a Korean university? Required documents?

Korean government and Korean universities provide a lot of opportunities for international students to join universities in South-Korea. International students attend classes with Korean students and classes can be in Korean or English depending on the university and the major. However, some universities in Korea have arranged a department called department of international studies where professors cover all the courses in English.

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees can find their perfect university for their career through the various options provided. Regarding the scholarships, The Korean government is always supporting international students through different scholarships. The most popular Korean government is GLOBAL KOREA SCHOLARSHIP (GKS), also known as KGSP. This scholarship is convenient for most international students because it provides opportunities in a lot of majors and it is also one of the fully funded scholarships. This scholarship is provided for undergraduate and graduate degree students, but the application period differs.

Korean government also provides a program called support program for self financed students, this program is for international students who pay for their tuition and living expenses, they are eligible for this program if they had a score of 80 or higher out 0f 100.

Besides the government scholarship, Korean universities also provide scholarships for international students to encourage foreign students to study in Korea. Universities scholarships cover 30% to 100% of tuition fees for both undergraduate and graduate degrees students. Scholarship amount differs according to Universities, students’ grades, or the need to the students’ major. Students who aim to apply for universities scholarship should contact universities directly.

Although the documents required by Korean universities are not complicated, you have to make an effort to prepare them. Usually there is an application form which is the easiest part, all you should do is to fill-in your personal information. Second, the highlight of your documents, the self-introduction, and the study plan; candidates may be similar in academic evaluation but can be differentiated by their way of thinking and personality. That is why this part of the documents guarantee almost 50% of your documents’ success. A letter of recommendation is also required, you can not control what is written in the letter but try to choose professors who can evaluate you well.

Obviously, some common documents are required like academic records, proof of graduation and proof of nationality. Those documents need to be apostilled or confirmed by Korean embassy in your country. Some universities ask for a proof of English or Korean proficiency and some time it is not required; however, even if it is not required, in some cases it can help giving you a better evaluation. According to majors and universities, some universities may ask for more documents. Thus, you should contact the university and make sure you are aware of the documents required.

After the documents find their way to the university, some universities conduct interviews or tests to determine the level of competence of the applicants. So always be prepared to be the one of the competent candidates.

By Yomna Mostafa

29 January 2021

Image source: Asia Exchange

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