Free Korean Language Classes (Beginner & Intermediate) by the Embassy of International Students

What is our mentoring program all about? The answer is simple: helping you!

The biggest challenge which most foreign students are facing while studying in Korea is the language barrier. In fact, most of the universities here would require international students to have a certain level of Korean language proficiency in order to be admitted. Also, without a good knowledge of the Korean language it can be difficult to communicate with Korean people, and therefore understanding Korean society and enjoying Korean culture fully can be even more challenging. For these reasons, in order to help international students who are already in Korea and those who are planning to study here, Embassy of International Students (EIS) is offering this mentoring program that will help you to get adjusted to studying in Korean and to have a great experience in this wonderful country. The classes will be dedicated to studying Korean language and learning about Korean culture with native teachers, and you will also get a chance to communicate with and receive advices from seniors. Moreover, you will be able to learn useful information about lifestyle in Korea – for example, you will get to know about Korean society, local job-hunting, Korean education, etc. During this mentoring program, we are also planning to offer other opportunities and programs that will help students to adapt to life in Korea more easily and to understand Korean culture better.

But for whom are these Korean language classes?

• Are you facing some challenges while studying Korean language?

• Would you like to improve your Korean skills?

• Would you like to understand Korean society, its laws, and policies better?

• Also, would you like to receive some useful tips from seniors?

⇨ Then this program is for you!

Our program’s benefits:

Apart from what has been already mentioned above, here is what our program can offer you:

• After completion of intermediate level, you will get an opportunity to take part in different events organized by the Embassy of International Students. For example, you will be able to join on-line interviews with people who have successful careers in Korea, ask them questions, ask for advice, etc.

• Opportunity to join our community!


• Start: 2021.02.01 – 2021.06.30 (5 months by zoom)

• Beginner class time: twice a week, 2 hours per day (Mon & Fri, 7-9 p.m., Korea Standard Time (UTC+09:00)

• Intermediate class time: once a week, 2 hours per day (Mon, 7-9 p.m., Korea Standard Time (UTC+09:00)

• Textbook: King Sejong Institute (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) provided by our organization.

* The time of classes can be changed after discussion with instructor and fellow students.


Free of charge

Registration Procedure:

Registration period: January 20th ~ 27th

Enter the link bellow and fill in the form~

(Direct registration link:


• 5 students in each class level (first come first served);

• Be respectful and friendly;

• Students with these skills: design, editing, research, writing articles and posts in English, and translation from English to other languages.


• There will be a short interview on January 28th, after which we will notify successful candidates.

• Every 10th week there will be a test.

• In case your total attendance rate will be higher than 90%, you are going to receive a certificate of completion from the Embassy of International Students.




Tel.: 010-4637-0124 / 010-4322-0720

* Please find the attached files for more information about curriculum and our instructors (Korean and English versions available).

1. EIS 한국어 수업 계획 (국문)
Download PDF • 66KB
. EIS Korean language curriculum (Engli