Halal Food & Muslim friendly Restaurants in Korea - A guide for Muslims in Korea

For Muslims residing in Korea that are looking for halal food, there are lots of sources where you can get them. You can order online and get it delivered to your place and cook from the comfort of your place or eat out at restaurants. The variety is endless.

Firstly, if it is your first time in Korea, know that you must check the components of food in marts or convenience stores. The reason being pork enters in a lot of food and you can be surprised that you will find pork in stuff that you did not even think about. So, all you have to do is to search if the pack has the following words 돼지고기 함유 in the ingredients which means that the product contains some sort of pork.

Secondly, when you visit a Korean restaurant, you should also ask if the food you are ordering contains pork meat even if you think it does not have meat. This is because even if the food does not contain meat it may contain other forms of pork such as ham or bacon.

Some foods that most probably contain hidden pork and are better to avoid are Mandu and Jajang-myeon.

As for Halal food providers and restaurants, you can find a lot of halal food marts and restaurants near Itaewon where there is the famous Seoul Mosque. You can also find butchers selling halal meat. However, if you want to enjoy a delicious meal, you can find a lot of Turkish, Indian, Arab, and many more halal restaurants. You can also find Halal Korean food. Itaewon is not the only place where you can find Halal restaurants. Other places like Myeong-dong also have many halal eateries; most of them being Turkish kebab restaurants.

These days Halal food is not just available in Seoul, but in other major cities too like Busan and Daegu.

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Are you too lazy to go to Itaewon to get your food?

Thanks to amazing delivery services, we do not have to worry about halal food those days. If you search on yogi-yo delivery app you will find halal Turkish kebabs. Another app that has various Halal food options is SHUTTLE; you can easily explore the app and choose your favourite food and just order.

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Another service that caters to such needs is ALBAZAAR website where you can do your grocery shopping, get halal meat and they also provide two restaurants where you can buy Kebab meals or fried chicken.

Written by Yomna Mostafa

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