Health insurance from March 2021

Starting from March 1st, 2021, all International students in South Korea are required to be registered under the National Health Insurance System.

According to the enforcement regulation of the National Health Insurance Acts of the Republic of Korea, all international students (D visa holders) must enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHIS). This coverage is, however, different from private insurances and can vary depending on the length of stay and specifying the time of buying insurance.

All International students under a D visa which includes Overseas study (D-2) and elementary/middle/high school (D-4-3) are subject to the mandatory subscription from March 1st or upon first entry. Students under a language course (D-4) are subjected to enroll six months after the entry date.

As the cost of NHIS is currently greater than that of private insurers, the ministry has allowed international students a discount of the monthly insurance premium fee to mitigate the burden. Considering the economic burden of the COVID-19 virus on students, they will be given a discount starting from 30% in 2021 and will increase by 10% each year until 2023.

We hope that all foreign students understand this change in system and can easily register for National Health Insurance System (NHIS).

For further details please read a pdf guide below (source by: ). The guide is also available in Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Uzbek, Mongolian and Russian.

Download • 20.76MB

Written by: Joshua Chu For


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