International students’ insurance in South Korea…

Since March 2021, all foreign students who stay in Korea for over six months are included in the mandatory health insurance program.

This year, students will be allowed to pay 30% of the fee (39,540 won by 25 of the previous month) in consideration of the economic difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, will have to pay 40% from March 2022 and 50% of the fee from March 2023.

When should students sign up for the insurance?

The timing differs depending on visa types and intended period of stay.

International students who plan to study for two years or more, and elementary, middle, and high school students should register from the day of entry.

Students who plan to stay for a shorter time such as for a language course, can sign up after they have been in the country for six months.

Concerning KGSP students, before March 2021 universities took the role to register students in insurance programs, however, since March 2021 KGSP students are registered automatically in government insurance. Meanwhile, students have to login to the NHIS website or mobile application and choose one of the available methods to pay for the monthly insurance fees either automatic bank transfer or paying directly to the mentioned bank accounts monthly or NHIS branch offices. Students can also print their monthly bill from the website.

As the Korean government pays for KGSP students’ insurance fees, students will get their money back after submitting the insurance monthly bill to their universities.

Insurance benefits

Same benefits as Korean citizens, various benefits including dental, oriental medical treatment, checkups, pregnancy and childbirth related services.

Treatment for diseases that do not affect daily life such as plastic surgery are not covered.

Students bear part of the expenses; 20~60% according to the type of treatment or service.

NHIS insurance provides immediate coverage so students do not have to claim for refund after paying for their treatment.

If you need more help regarding insurance programs, please check NHIS website:

Written by Yomna Mostafa

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