Korean Food Made Easy: Quick Meals

Korea is widely known for ramen(라면) -instant noodles- which is a super quick and easy meal or a snack when you feel bored or hungry at night.

In Korea, there are shelves and shelves full with all sorts of flavours of ramen (라면) so you will never feel bored eating ramen.

source: noodledoodle.asia
source: dreamstime.com

If you go to convenience stores in Korea, you can find all sorts of food ready to eat… from fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh sandwiches, Korean style sushi KIMBAB (김밥), various Korean style lunch box(도시락) containing a meal of pork, chicken, seafood and much more.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to go out a lot, you may love getting Frozen food (냉동식품). You can find these at most marts or online such as COUPANG. These are easy meals that can be prepared as quickly as in 5 minutes in a microwave, air fryer, pan or oven. Frozen food in Korea includes pizza, dumplings(만두), stir-fried rice(볶음밥), pork cutlet (돈가스), and lots more.

Once you start searching for quick meals anywhere you will find an endless list, so do not worry about meal preparation in Korea.

Written by Yomna Mostafa