Social Media Volunteer Recruitment - 2nd

Have you heard of the International Students Embassy?

Have you ever needed help living in Korea? Have you ever had a place you could go to air your concerns? Do you want to let the Korean society hear your voice? Do you want to meet people from various countries? Do you have ideas for solving various problems for international students? Let's find a way together. You can be a part of the International Students Embassy!

1. Application guidelines

1) Eligibility:

  • Foreigners: Students, Graduates

  • We are looking for:

  • Video editors

  • Copywriters

  • Korean writing editors (must have TOPIK 5 or above)

  • English writing editors (native speaker preferred)

  • Designers

  • Must be a fun and dedicated person who can contribute to the development of the project.

  • Can communicate in both English and Korean

2) Application documents: Common Application Form and Action Plan

3) Selection process

  • 1st round: Document review

  • 2nd round: Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview

4) Application timeline:

  • Application deadline: Wed 24th February, 11:59 pm.

  • Successful candidate announcement: Wed 24th February – Sat 27th February

  • We will contact successful candidates individually.

  • Interview: 28th February over Zoom (exact time will be announced later)

5) How to apply

  • Send the completed application form to

  • Inquiries:, 010-9636-7848 (Ewan)

  • Download application form:

Application-form (2)
Download DOCX • 44KB

If you need something from someone, you first need to think of what you can give that person in exchange for what you need. We are here to hold your hand and help you to achieve your dreams.

1) Activity period (March to June 2021)

2) Topic

The next generation: Lifting up the voice of international students in Korea.

3) Goal

To provide insightful, useful information, and operate an online platform for international students, to both help and benefit from the Korean society.

4) Method

We will operate in 4 main media channels: Website; Instagram; Facebook; YouTube.

5) Activity:

In order to promote upcoming projects, the Embassy of International Students’ social media team is planning to improve our reach and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We would love to hear all your thoughts and contributions. Together we can help each other and build up a stronger international student community.

6) Duties:

Depending on your role, your specific duties may vary. However, all members are expected to attend a weekly meeting over Zoom to discuss activities for the week. In addition, you will be expected to bring your own ideas for improving the website content and reach. Any ideas you have can become a part of our plan, so we need people who are willing to speak up and offer suggestions.

Other specific duties are as follows:

  • Writing editors: to edit and check the writing of other members.

  • Video editors: to edit and post short videos on YouTube

  • Copywriters: to create short-form content and post on Facebook and Instagram daily

  • Designers: to create visually appealing works and carousel form of the articles.

We understand that many applicants are busy with studies or other commitments, and we will do our best to accommodate these requirements as necessary.

7) Benefits

This is an unpaid volunteer position, and we will provide you with a certificate at the end of the program certifying that you have participated. When offering future programs such as Korean language courses, you will get priority selection when applying. In addition, this program will give you the chance to network with like-minded people, gain valuable experience for future career applications.

8) Vision:

  • To integrate the international student society and the Korean society into one to live harmoniously and promote the understanding of each other's culture.

  • To provide solutions for international students who need help while living in Korea, provide opportunities for various exchange and cultural experiences, and support the projects of international students.

  • To create a window for foreign students to speak out on a regular basis, in order to reflect the thoughts of international students during the process of policymaking.

  • To establish bridges in the political, cultural, and economic aspects of Korea and other countries by actively connecting Korean society with the outside world through a platform of excellent international students who are passionate about changing the world.

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