Spring Outdoor Activities

As the weather gets warmer and we can finally stop wearing our padded jackets, a wide range of springtime activities become available. If the pandemic is keeping you from doing indoor activities, here are 5 great outdoor activities for springtime in Korea.

Cherry Blossoms
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You can’t talk about spring activities in Korea without mentioning cherry blossoms. Whether you go to a cherry blossom festival or you simply take a stroll in your nearby park, you can see cherry blossoms all around the country. As the weather gets warmer, the cherry blossoms bloom first in the southern parts of Korea and then spread north. Some popular spots to see cherry blossoms in bloom are Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, Seoul Forest, Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, Gyeongju etc. If you cannot visit these places, don't fret, you can find great spots no matter where you are in the country. Usually, the flowers bloom from late-March to mid-April, but this can change depending on where you are in Korea and also on the climate that year.

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Korea is a country of mountains, and there are plenty of options for those who want to go hiking. You can find small mountains for short walks or larger ones for more elaborate and extensive hikes. Whatever you want to do, you can find something suitable, not too far away from your place of residence. For those in Seoul, the Seoul City Wall connects the 4 mountains around Seoul and has plenty of options for short hikes. Bukhansan, Bugaksan or Inwangsan are all good options for hiking in Seoul, which should take a few hours to finish. If you are looking to go outside of Seoul, you can find amazing mountains like Seoraksan or Jirisan. Wherever you decide to go, be prepared to be overtaken by people twice your age who are barely breaking a sweat!


A strong selling point of Korean cities is the number of parks. Not only in Seoul but also in other cities, you can always find a nice green area to go to. Korean parks range from small to massive, and there are countless ideas for activities to do there. Many of Korea’s parks are large enough to walk around for hours in, or alternatively, you could bring a simple blanket along with you and relax while enjoying the greenery around you. One thing that you can only do in Korea is getting food delivered right to you in a park. This is a concept that I had never even considered before coming here, and it is a great option if you want to enjoy your lunch out in open. And this brings us on to our next point which is…

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Picnicking is a classic springtime activity no matter which country you are in, and Korea is no exception. Near many popular picnic spots, you can find places to rent all the equipment you need – tents, blankets, fold-out chairs and tables, even board games and other entertainment items. Usually, when you rent these things, they come in a trolley so you can bring everything in one place easily. These sets start from around ₩15,000 and the price depends on the items yu want to rent. Many popular picnic spots also have activities like boat rides or Segways if you are looking for something else to do while there. Otherwise, just lay back and relax for a few hours in the comfort of your own tent!

Riding Bicycles

Another great option is riding bikes, and for those who don’t have their own, Korea makes it easy with a range of options for hiring bikes. Some of the best bike paths follow rivers – Hangang, Tancheon, and almost any other river you can find, will have a bike path next to it that you can follow. The Han River, in particular, has a great bike path that takes you through Yeouido, Seoul Marina, the National Assembly Hall, Seoul Forest, and many other parks alongside the Han River.

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Written by: Ewan Smith

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